EK as an employer

Working with passion! – this is our philosophy. In order to put this into practice, we must meet certain conditions. Enthusiasm can only develop in an open culture in which work is fun and people treat each other with mutual respect. We orient ourselves along clear, committed guidelines. Individual staff development opportunities ensure long-term success.

We place great value on staff development. This is why we carry out annual staff appraisals and provide targeted training and development opportunities. A new training schedule on general and current issues is produced each year. For special topics we provide training for our employees through external seminars. The EK/servicegroup has developed its own junior executives training programme to build up our future management.

The staff anniversary celebrations are proof that our employees are content. Celebrations for long service of 25 or 30 years are not uncommon.

Our employee services:

  • targeted support during initial training
  • attractive social services
  • company health management
  • provisions to encourage compatibility between career and family
  • further training