Progress reports


Ann-Kristin Jürgens, dual studies B.A. Business administration-Trade
A dual course of study with the EK/servicegroup is great for sheer variety! No two days are the same. As a team member I am constantly being faced with new challenges and am growing with each new task. My valuable experiences and impressions make the theory phase at the dual university of Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart much clearer. And when I come back to Bielefeld as part of the 3-month cycle I bring with me fresh momentum for the practical work. It couldn’t be better!

Yannick Dannenberg,  dual studies: Training to be a business specialist in wholesale and foreign trade/ Degree course leading to Bachelor of Arts in business studies
The scope for training is huge because you gain unbelievably varied and deep insights into the widest variety of departments and processes. You also get to know some really nice workmates. Every day brings new surprises and the practical training and the theory covered by the course combine really well. So because it’s never boring, it doesn’t feel hard to spend the weekend writing at your desk. Dual studies are just more fun

Sven Vogt, Dual studies B.Sc. Business informatics – Business Process Management at the FHDW (business university) in Bielefeld
At the moment I am completing a dual course of study in the field of business informatics at the FHDW in Bielefeld and during the practical phase I work as an application developer with the EK/servicegroup. EK made this possible for me after I successfully completed my training as an IT systems trader in 2013. The theoretical part of the FHDW curse combines really well with the practical part in the workplace and I find I am able to concentrate fully on the challenges of each.



Experienced professionals

Stefanie Graf , Assistant Section Manager EK Sales
During my 16 years with EK I have had the opportunity to get to know the various business areas. As an assistant section manager in the business unit livingplus I deal with new and varied tasks every day. It is never boring in our department and it is fun to work with friendly, outgoing people. I can shape my own environment here and bring something of myself to my job. The team spirit in the company is the main thing that motivates me every day. EK gives me the opportunity of developing myself both personally and professionally and so to grow in every respect.

Kai Emmrich, Sales promotion, central marketing
I have worked in marketing for over 20 years and can honestly say this: It is never boring at EK! We move in a dynamic environment, always with new and exciting challenges. Online marketing is increasingly important to us and I am happy to be involved in taking forward this future-oriented topic.

Melina Meyer, International cooperation, business communication
Following my training as an events manager with EK, I shared responsibility for the appearances by our retail group at external trade fairs such as the IFA in Berlin, the Ambiente in Frankfurt etc. Afterwards I was working in the business unit of corporate communication and looked after our international cooperation partners. Since we are a company that sets great store by the synergies of such strategic links I was looking around abroad for new partners who are interested in a collaborative partnership. Now I am back in the unit where I started and took over the leadership of the business unit fairs and events. EK is an extraordinarily versatile employer and anyone who is motivated and committed can really develop themselves well in this company.

Katharina Lihs, Personnel development/Personel marketing
During my two and a half year training as business specialist in wholesale and foreign trade I have gone through the most varied departments in the company. No training could be more multi faceted! Since successfully completing my training I have worked in EK’s personnel department. The various tasks are exciting and cover the whole area of human resource management. I can develop myself further and will continue to enjoy meeting new professional and personal challenges here at EK.