We design shop concepts!

Owner-managed medium-sized stationary retail is facing great challenges. Online shopping on the one hand and the big chains on the other have massively altered the retail landscape.


Shopping with the Wow! factor

This trend gives new significance to point-of-sale. Buying goods in a shop must now become more of an experience than ever before. Ranges that have been put together with the consumer in mind, themed marketing, seasonal ranges, cross-selling and emotional impact are increasingly important. The demand is now for more than simply a product; customers are looking for a complete product image that tells a story and conveys an idea.

Concepts for specialist shops, department stores etc.

The varied range of shop concepts we have developed such as our specialist groups, brand stores and system sales areas are designed to help our retailers to face these new challenges. These concepts are tailored exactly to the individual needs of specialist shops, large shops and department stores as well as large-scale outlets such as furniture stores, garden centres or DIY warehouses.

Fulfilling every retail need

Our service to the retailer covers ordering goods, shop design and marketing followed by continued expert support; our concepts include all the services needed for a successful market approach.

Commitments in terms of cooperation vary depending on the concept. The identity of the company is always protected. Because in our opinion the local entrepreneur is one of the most important keys to success.