Closer to the market together

No one knows better than the specialist retailer what is happening in his/her own locality. In order to ensure the market and practical relevance of our services we value the active participation of the retail community.

  • The Supervisory Board includes successful entrepreneurs from our circle of retail partners. The Representatives Meeting has currently selected:

Wilhelm Behrends (Chairman), Wiesmoor
Johannes Lenzschau, Wildeshausen
Wolfgang Neuhoff, Dortmund
Hannes Versloot (Vice Chairman), Terneuzen (NL)

Hannes Versloot, Wolfgang Neuhoff, Johannes Lenzschau, Wilhelm Behrends

  • The Representatives Meeting is the highest decision making body in our association and the most important link between members and their head office. 65 elected retailers represent their colleagues from various regions, forms of business and sectors in Germany and abroad in the “EK Parliament”.  They make basic decisions on the appropriation of profit, for instance and also on the discharge of the Supervisory Board and the Board of Management, changes to the constitution, fusions and other structural changes.

  • Member advisory committees work in close collaboration with EK specialists on EK Shop concepts to ensure that all procedures to do with marketing and the assembly of product ranges are practice-oriented.

  • The operational management of our company is in the hands of the Board:

Franz-Josef Hasebrink (Chairman)
Steve Evers
Martin Richrath
Susanne Sorg