Trading in a future-oriented company

EK is an internationally active company which is linked not only to its specialist retailers but also to its partners in industry, its employees, consumers and other groups. From this position and within the business context we consciously accept responsibility for and actively work beyond our legal requirements towards a future-oriented company. Our decisions are therefore influenced in equal measure by economic, ecological and social factors.
The basis for all our CSR activities is business success. In the end we can only secure employment for our workers from a strong position if at the same time we follow the highest company objective: the expansion of our trading partners’ market position and the increase of their added value.

Reinforcement of members – training as a success factor

Lifelong learning and training are the key success factors. The “EK Academy” continued development programme offers our partners a multiplicity of trade-specific seminars. The exchange of knowledge is also supported by exchange forums & events. A particular focus is the promotion of new talent in member companies.

Product responsibility and supply chains

EK collaborates with many suppliers. A high proportion of the goods acquired are imported from third countries outside the EU. This free trade encourages growth and employment there. International guidelines (particularly ILO core employment standards and UN human rights conventions) as well as national regulations are not always complied with, however. This can sometimes result in problematic working conditions and damage to the environment.
Together with our suppliers we pay attention to compliance with basic social and environmental standards. Purchasers check, not only in the Far East, that the quality standards for goods are higher than the legal requirement. Even with regard to the successful EK own brands which are largely made up of imported goods we make no compromises.

Operational environmental protection and logistics

We move a vast flow of goods and have been working with external transport companies since 2005. We have been able to optimise trips and reduce emissions. In order to keep environmental damage to a minimum, we dispose of and recycle all our packaging materials in an environmentally friendly manner.

Qualifications and working conditions

The success of EK is dependent upon its qualified employees. In order to satisfy the need for trained skilled workers and managers, we are committed to education and training. Our programme for junior staff prepares employees for management or specialist roles. Our flexible working hours promote the integration of work and family and we set great store by workplace health protection.