We optimise product ranges!

Successful retailing is based on the right mix of goods. What suits one location is not right for another.

As a multi-sector association, we think beyond the classic definitions of product ranges. We are thus in a position to mix product ranges and supply our retailers with a range of goods that will put them in a prime position in their location.

Product ranges for specific markets

We develop product ranges that appeal to consumers and are profitable for retailers. We always ensure that our partners are up with the latest trends and technical innovations.


More profile – more profit

We support our retail partners in limiting competition and pulling back from price comparison with a high-margin import programme and an own-brand series covering all product ranges.


Top conditions, top suppliers, top services

Our members also benefit from top purchasing conditions, cost-optimised goods programs, central regulation of more than 6,000 suppliers and our own wholesale warehouse with more than 37,000 items.

Our modern ordering and goods information systems, efficient logistics management and our own field-tested POS and ERP system ensures smooth processing that enables specialist retailers to concentrate on what really matters: your customers!