100% care for our retailers and 0% risk to the industry

In addition to deliveries from our logistics centre in Eisenach we also organise speedy, reliable goods procurement direct from the manufacturer. Our retailers have access to goods worlds of around 6,000 brand manufacturers and can benefit from outstanding negotiated conditions.

We process all payment traffic between specialist retailers and suppliers at EK head office. This means that we can transfer payments via our links directly to our partners in industry. Straightforward procedures and IT-supported processes also contribute to fast and efficient accounting.

We act as guarantor for our retailers

We also act as guarantor for our retailers for claims arising from goods deliveries and guarantee our retail partners’ ability to pay. In practice we grant credit facilities, for example, in the form of value date extensions. So – 100% care for our retailers and 0% risk to the industry!


These are win-win situations

Both sides gain from this positive partnership between trade and industry. The retail trade can only be successful as long as the industry produces marketable, finely calculated and innovative products. Similarly, the industry is aware that retailers are consumer and market oriented, can guarantee to purchase reliable quantities and are not afraid to try a few “risky items” in their product range. Because new product developments are always that!