30,000 items – always in stock

In the new central warehouse built by our logistics partner, Rhenus, in Eisenach in 2012 we have more than 20,000 selected items from the four business segments – including hi-yield imported items and own brands – and we cover all modes of dispatch. For every taste, for a wide variety of items and for every profitable product range. This brand-new logistics warehouse ensures the efficient development and constant optimisation of the delivery chain.

We extend every shop counter

Our retailers can view stock online, place orders, follow dispatch. We are able to supply our partners not only with regular weekly deliveries but also within 24 hours (order before 15.30 – delivered to your door the following day). We can thus take over the function of an “extended shop counter” and make a significant contribution to lower storage costs.

Of course we understand that business does not operate completely without storage, especially for products with a quick turnover. The bottom line is, though, that we are on the spot within the shortest time and so can offer decisive competitive advantages.

E-commerce: The direct route to the consumer

Added value through multichannel retailing: In Eisenach we have great logistics potential for the development of e-commerce ordering and can for example deliver direct to the customer on behalf of the retailer. Our retail partners determine the “what” and “where” – we take care of the “how”.