We bring people together!

As a retail cooperative we are first and foremost: a community of independent companies with shared values and shared aims.

Encouraging dialogue

We consider that one of our most important tasks is to bring people together. We want to encourage the exchange of information so that each member can learn from the successes and mistakes of others. We create the opportunity for this through our trade fairs and congresses, ERFA conferences, regional meetings and study tours as well as through our junior network, “Young Network”.


Bringing trade and industry together

Our commitment goes even further. We do not limit ourselves to dialogue between members. We see ourselves as a network junction for trade and industry where players from both branches can come together to engage in dialogue. So that one can learn more about the needs of the other and changes can be initiated from which all can benefit.



Making contact, opening doors

As well as providing our own comprehensive range of services, we have built up a wide-ranging network of external service providers. We are thus able to make recommendations and set up contacts that will open up new horizons for our members – naturally with the best negotiated conditions.