Full use of potential!

To improve competitive potential it is important to expand individual skills. In the end it is the “human factor” with its own specific qualities that creates the real competitive edge – particularly in relation to online trading.

We want to make out retailers stronger and so have put together a “fitness programme” that will enable every participant to optimise his or her entrepreneurial and individual potential.

Qualifications for better positioning

EK KOLLEG for instance. Our programme of specialist retail qualifications focusses on building up specialist and methodological skills as well as developing social competencies. The training units and seminars are both varied and practice-based and instil a “passion for retail” in the truest sense.

EK consultancy services: practice-based and personal

Our regional consultants are the first port of call for all questions about successful positioning for our partners. They know the structure of the sector and ranges and have an eye for individual needs in the various locations. And they also provide the personal link to EK headquarters.

As a value-oriented retail cooperative it is our objective to prevent financial challenges from becoming a matter of life and death for our retailers. We support out retailers via our credit management facility by linking consultancy and credit activities as well as moderation between retail partners, banks and credit insurers for all important financial questions.

EASY* systems: “The best way is the EASY way!”

This is the philosophy of EK subsidiary EASY systems GmbH. It is also a motto that we apply to all of our service areas, from cash register and goods management systems to article records and e-business. Our aim is to make things easier for you with our tailor-made systems. User friendliness, simple operation and customer proximity are at the forefront of this concept. To make sure we meet these standards, you never simply get “a piece of software”; you get our entire spectrum of expertise. EASY consultants come up with the best solution specifically for your needs, allowing you to manage your business in an optimal manner. That’s why we say: the best way is the EASY way!

myWeb: the web solution for EK retail partners

Multi-channel is growing more and more important in retail. This is why EK has developed the myWeb solution: a tool that allows retailers to professionally present their individual strengths and expertise on the web and bring their bricks-and-mortar offerings to the internet.

Services from A to Z

As well as our EK consultants we are linked to a strong network of external service providers. Both groups support our retail partners in lowering costs, raising profit and optimising their image. The bandwidth of their current, practice-oriented services covers business consultancy, sales promotion and marketing as well as information technology, goods-specific advice and the broad area of finance.