My Fashion Rules

Inspired by the title

Inspired by the title of my debut book The New Fashion Rules, I started thinking about how my style has changed over the last 12 months. I think it's always so much fun to look back over your style progression, including the disco pants and Litas we all were addicted to, to see just how fashion has evolved. I really wanted to take a look and see if I've been styling anything recently that perhaps I wouldn't have done last year and the answer is most definitely yes!

I've definitely been influenced by runways, social media and new trends in the past few months and taking a look in my wardrobe, past the classic cuts I know and love, there are definitely some new styles hiding in plain sight. From bolder patterns to trendy trainers and from brighter shades to cuts that move far away from my usual tailored suits, here are my new fashion rules for 2019 and why I'm embracing some trends vs my usual style.


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